Support Videos

Changing Global Font Sizes, Colours and Headings Blog Series 4/9 Changing Global Font Sizes, Colours, and Headings Changing the font sizes, colours, and headings styles on your Swwwift website. Please note you can change the colours independently also.

Changing the Logo Changing the Logo How to amend the logo on your Swwwift website.If you upload a logo and it has a white background (like this example) and you want to display a logo without a background you need to save it as a transparent ...

How to set up your Social Links How to Set Up Your Social Links Configuring your Social Media channels on your Swwwift website.

Previewing your Changes Blog Series 2/9 How to Preview your Changes Before Publishing Previewing your changes to the blog before publishing them to your website.

Editing Your Personal Demo Editing Your Personal Demo: This support video has been made for the tuition of editing your personal demo. Login using the credentials sent to you via email.Once you're logged in the main areas are:- Global Settings (Colo ...

Selecting a Category Blog Series 7/9 Setting a Category Setting categories in your blog section, to determine where posts should be displayed.

Embedding a Link Blog Series 5/9 Embedding a Link Embedding links into your Swwwift website text.

Creating a Blog Article Blog Series 1/9 Creating a Blog ArticleCreate an article on your Swwwift website's blog section.

Setting a Featured Image Blog Series 3/9 Setting a Featured Image Setting a featured image to your blog post on your Swwwift website.

Static Site Images Changing the Static Site Images Editing the static images throughout your Swwwift website.

How to Upload Files How to Upload Files Uploading files to the media section of your Swwwift website.

Adding a New Category Blog Series 8/9 Adding a New Category Adding new categories to your blog section.