Purchasing a website

How do I buy a website?

It’s easy! Browse our themes, choose the one you like best and click 'Add to Order'. Then, customise your website with any of the optional add-ons you fancy. Finally, follow the payment instructions. Your custom built website will arrive in your inbox within minutes.

What do I get as part of this package?

(You will get all of your website subscription details?) With your package you will get a fully functional website with a range of plugins based on the add ons that you select. Don’t forget, every subscription comes with full tech support. You can view the full details of what you will receive here.

Where can I purchase my domain name?

Once you’ve ordered your website, you will receive a confirmation email in which we will give recommendations for where to purchase your domain name. 

Once I've ordered, how long will it take before I am set up?

Regardless of which theme you’ve gone for, your Swwwift website will reach your inbox within a matter of minutes for you to then customise. 

What is the contract period?

Swwwift websites run on twelve-month rolling contracts for your flexibility.  

Is VAT included in the Price?

Yes, we include Value Added Tax (VAT) within the monthly/annual fees shown.You will receive a VAT invoice from [email protected] monthly or annually depending on your payment choice.

General Questions & Reporting a fault

Do the websites work on all devices and platforms?

All Swwwift websites are made to be responsive to the device or application being used to view the webpage. This means that your website will be accessible on smartphones, tablets and PCs, be they Android, Mac OS or Windows.

What happens if I spot an issue with my website?

All of the websites we produce are vigorously tested to ensure a flawless user experience. In the event that you spot a mistake anywhere on your site, please report the issue to a member of our team, who will get in touch with you and help fix any problems you may have. Ongoing technical support is included in your Swwwift subscription package.

Where will my website be hosted?

Your website is safe and sound on our managed servers hosted in the UK.

I’ve lost the password for my website! What do I do?

Go to your Content Management System login page, click the ‘Forgot Password’ button and follow the on-screen instructions. If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to log your issue on our tech support page.

Billing Questions

Paying monthly for your website

Our low monthly payment gives you affordable access to a professional website for your clients, enabling you to build a healthy profit stream.  Not only that, but we make sure the websites are always live--your monthly fee also includes tech support, so you won't get charged extra if you ever have tech troubles.

If I am purchasing a website for a client, can I buy it from you outright for them?

Swwwift websites operate on a subscription basis, using one of our proprietary designs. This means that the design will be licensed to you throughout the period of your subscription.

By paying our low monthly fee, you can rest worry-free if any tech troubles come up as we provide full tech support with all Swwwift websites with a subscription. At the end of every 12 month period, you have the opportunity to renew your contract and choose between the three payment options offered to you originally.

Please note that if you would prefer your client owned the site outright, the templated design is still readily available for other Swwwift users and will not be removed. You will also not get the technical support included and will therefore have to opt-in at an additional cost. 

Live Demo and Personal Demo Related Questions

Can I try a website before I buy it?

All of our templates have live demos for you to test the websites to your heart’s content. All images and text on the live demos we show you are placeholders, and are easily replaced through the Content Management System (CMS) we provide for you upon purchase of a new website. To have a go at using the CMS choose Personal Demo. 

We also offer a free <14 day> trial. In this trial you will be able to do everything that a paying Swwwift user can do. This includes populating your website, going live with your website and using many of the optional add ons that we provide. 

What is a personal demo?

Choose your theme and experience the website as if you were to have already purchased the site within the Content Management System (CMS). In this demo you can practice moving around components and personalising the site. This gives you an idea of what you can expect for your live website. 

How long do I have to use my personal Demo?

You have 48 hours to practice away with your colours and fonts! However you should remember that your changes won’t be transferable to the purchased site, so don’t spend too long finalising anything, just have a go!  

Cancellation Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

During your free trial you can cancel at any time. After this period, Swwwift websites operate on a 12 month rolling contract.  Simply let us know one month prior to the end of your contract if you would like to cancel your subscription. Please remember that you may need to cancel your direct debit through your bank also.

Customising and Updating your Website

How can I update my/ my clients website myself?

We will email you the manual for the Content Management System (CMS) which you will use to make changes to your website.  If you need more guidance, we will happily schedule a tutorial with you to talk through the whole process.

What do you mean by ‘customisable’?

The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to add, remove or move around all of the components within the pages of the site wherever you like. You can also change the typography sizing and all colours of the site easily to match your clients branding, without lifting a finger of code! If you are unsure, try our personal demo option. 

How extensive are the customisation options?

You will be able to customise all of the text and images that you see on the templates – all text and images shown are placeholders to give you a better overview of what your website could look like. (This will only show if you click on the ‘include demo content’ box upon ordering). Once your new website is set up, we’ll give you your login details to the website’s Content Management System. 

Can I upgrade my clients website after the initial purchase and subscription?

You can add to your plan to include additional add-ons at any time after your clients website launches – as your clients grow, so can their website. We’ll implement the upgrade for you and adjust your payment plan accordingly.

Managing my Clients Websites & Subscriptions

If I am buying websites for multiple clients, can I see all of my clients’ subscriptions in one area via the Swwwift website?

We are currently working on a portal for you to be able to view all of your subscriptions for clients in one go. You will be able to add to each one straight from the portal, renew contracts and update payment methods. Feel free to contact [email protected] to request this information prior to it going live on the site.