Not sure on imagery to use?

Type of Images:

We advise our clients to use as little 'stock' imagery as possible. This includes cheesy images of people sitting around a board room, smiling and shaking hands. Your clients clients want to see the REAL business NOT someone else's.  Of course, use where necessary but advise your clients to do as much original photography where possible.

What Size?

All of our custom made designs feature specifically sized imagery. 

If there is an image which is landscape in design with the demo content, then aim to replace it with a landscape image. The same goes for portrait imagery or it may not sit exactly how you want it. 

We recommend your images to have a 1250px width maximum. 

File Size

Our websites are all designed with the user in mind and hosted on a platform which will load in exceptional time for the user. This can be optimised in order to ensure that the web speed is maintained. We recommend you compress imagery to a lower resolution so that the files are always under 750kb. To help you do this, we do have an add-on which will compress images for you! To add this to your subscription then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or leave a ticket and we will get back to you.